Do you hate the 2-3-2 series format that the NBA has used for the NBA Finals for nearly 30 years now? Us, too. In a lot of ways, it actually punishes the team with home-court advantage during the Finals. So we're glad to hear that the NBA owners have finally decided to change it.

Starting this season, the NBA Finals will follow a 2-2-1-1-1 format. It will give the team that has home-court advantage an actual advantage again and not force them to try and win at least one road game in order to stay ahead in the series.

"There's been a sense among our teams that in a 2-2 series, it's not fair for a team with the better record to be away [for Game 5]," NBA Comissioner David Stern said earlier today. "It's not fair for the better team in terms of record to spend as many as eight days away from home."

We couldn't agree more. So we're happy to see the format of the Finals changed. But why in the world did it take the NBA owners so long to figure out that this is the way it should have been all along?

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[via ESPN]