Sport: Football
Date: 3/4/2008, 2/8/2009

An all-time great like Brett Favre deserved to be sent off from football in the right way but, because of the future Hall of Famer's crippling indecision, Favre instead had to watch his final game from the sidelines, too old and injured to play. After Favre announced his retirement from the Green Bay Packers on March 8, 2004, NFL fans were ready to see their favorite gunslinger ride off into the sunset. But, then, of course, Favre had to go ahead and change his mind

This back-and-forth would go on to characterize Favre for the next few years, as he bounced around from Green Bay to the New York Jets and then finally Minnesota, where he nearly led the the Vikings to the Super Bowl before throwing a game-losing interception. Throughout all of this, Favre was constantly in the media spotlight as he faked on his retirement another time—ultimately just using it as a tactic to secure his release from the Jets—and then pissed off the fans that once loved him by signing with Green Bay's biggest rival, Minnesota. In his final season, Favre not only saw his streak of consecutive games played come to an end, but also led the Vikings to a dead-last finish in the NFC North. You deserved better, Brett. Too bad you kept yourself from getting it.