David Ortiz almost had deja vu earlier tonight. In the second inning of Game 1's World Series contest between the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox, Ortiz smashed a pitch with a teammate on every base in practically the same area where he hit his grand slam in Game 2 of the ALCS against the Detroit Tigers. The only difference, though, was that the Cards' Carlos Beltran was able to make the catch before the ball cleared the fence. 

While the play still extended the Red Sox lead to 5-0 with a sacrifice fly, scoring David Ross on third base, Beltran's grab prevented the floodgates from opening. However, the catch came at a cost because Beltran had to leave the game early with a right rib contusion. Considering how big of a role Beltran has played for the Cardinals leading up to the World Series, it will be interesting to see how this effects his performance from here on out. 

Check out another GIF of the play below. 

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[via CBS Sports; MLB]