So it was a pretty slow sports weekend, eh? 

HA. Hardly. From the insane Texas A&M/Mississippi game on Saturday night to the crazy finish to the Saints/Patriots game yesterday afternoon, this was one of the best sports weekends in a long, long time. And David "Big Papi" Ortiz capped it off last night with the grand slam that you see in the GIF above. With the Red Sox trailing the Tigers 5-1 in the bottom of the eighth inning, Ortiz launched a home run over the right field fence at Fenway Park, and the Red Sox ended up winning the game in the bottom of the next inning to tie their ALCS series with Detroit 1-1. With one swing of the bat, Ortiz turned the ALCS into a series again.

Ortiz also caused a massive shift to take place on Twitter last night. Before he hit his epic home run, Tigers fans—and Red Sox haters—were taking to Twitter and talking plenty of trash. Tweets like this were everywhere:

Some fans were even calling the Red Sox out for being fraudulent World Series contenders:

But Ortiz changed all of that. Shortly after he hit his home run and tied the game up, Red Sox fans rejoiced:

Tigers fans, well, didn't:

Some of them even accused Ortiz of being on steroids:

But in the end, Red Sox fans had the last laugh. And as you can see by this looooooong list of celebratory tweets from Red Sox fans, this was one home run that they're not going to forget anytime soon. All hail King Ortiz!

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