We're a little worried about Aston Martin. The cars are great, but the company isn't making money or investing much into its future. A deal to get engines from Mercedes AMG is in the works, which is welcome news to us, as AMG makes some of our favorite engines, and now we hear that the deal might get expanded.

In 2009 at the Geneva Motor Show Aston Martin showed off a Mercedes-Benz GL-Class-based SUV concept called the Lagonda. Nobody really liked it, but the concept of an Aston Martin SUV is certainly sound business, so a redsigned version is in the pipe-line. With this partnership, Aston is positioning itself to produce this car, which would certainly provide additional profits, much like the Cayenne did for Porsche. 

We wonder, however, if Mercedes is plotting to buy out Aston Martin the next time the company is for sale.

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[via Autocar