Driver: Nazi Gestapo / French Mafia

It would be a lot easier to figure out who to shoot at if people would just drive different cars. Apparently Hitler's Gestapo and the French Mafia didn't get the memo, as they both rolled Traction Avants in Occupied France. The car was not only noteworthy for its beauty, but it was also legendary for its performance. Reports from the era indicate that this car handled far better than anything else on the market thanks to its self-supporting body, independent suspension, and hydraulic brakes.

As is often the case, beauty is expensive to produce, and this amazing car drove Citroën to bankruptcy. The company's founder, Andre Citroën died shortly thereafter, and in 1934 Michelin bought the company, taking over production of their prize vehicle. Production of the car continued and Citroën vehicles began to appear on the silver screen, including numberous ganster films and James Bond's From Russia with Love.