Could you imagine Troy Polamalu without his long locks? Pretty difficult, right? Well, that possibility may become a reality if the article from Stars and Stripes is correct. According to the report, Polamalu is planning to undergo a "ceremonial" haircut to honor our veterans.

So, how much of TP's hair is getting lopped off? No one knows for certain, but that same article is claiming that Troy told organizers that he would take off 10 inches. The exact amount will ultimately be revealed in the coming weeks. Below, you can see a video for the cause called "The VFW Mane Event."

No matter how much hair Polamalu decides to take off, the mere mention of scissors going near the Steelers safety's mane should build a ton of awareness and result in a sizable amount of money towards the cause. With that said, if you would like to honor the vets by cutting your own hair, hit the link here. 

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[via Bleacher Report]