Call it the wrath of Khan. Back in April 2011, then owner and chairman Mohamed al-Fayed erected a statue of close friend, Michael Jackson, outside of Fulham's Craven Cottage. Within the last two years, the reaction to the MJ statue has been less than favorable for the most part by the club's fans, to which al-Fayed has told those individuals who don't like it to "go to hell." But now that American businessman Shahid Khan has bought Fulham, the seven-foot, six-inch statue has got to go. 

"Our supporters' views on the statue have been made clear," Khan said. "I respect Mr Fayed and know he had good intentions in paying an individual tribute. However, the removal of the statue is the right thing for Fulham Football Club." Fulham's spokesperson added, "The statue is not part of the Riverside development of the stadium and will be returned to the former chairman in due course."  

So, let this be a warning to all the Jacksonville Jaguars fans out there. Yeah, all seven of you! If Jags owner Khan is still in the mood to take down statues, this one may be next. And if it happens, just remember one thing... 

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[via Sports Illustrated]