Any positive news related to Kobe Bryant's Achilles is pretty much the only good news the Lakers fans are going to get in the offseason since they don't have much else to work with this year. They got just that recently when Bryant made a comment about his return from the injury.

Bryant is more than likely not going to be playing in the preseason, but he is aiming for a return during the team's season opener on Oct. 29. Bryant told a newspaper in Dubai that “Now it’s about cutting the recovery time, I should be OK [for the start of the season]."

If this is true and he does comeback for the opener, it's going to make the faceoff against the finally rivaling Clippers that much more dramatic since this would mark another triumph in Bryant's career. The Lakers also do need Kobe to compete against this dangerous squad, especially Pau Gasol, who seems to have a tender emotional connection with Vino:

Image via Getty Images/Jeff Gross

But all jokes aside, Bryant is recovering well from the injury but hasn't been able to go 100 percent on the treadmill yet. Hopefully, he finally makes it back to 100 percent to finish his career strong.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]