Did you see the 'N Sync-inspired "Bye, Bye, Bye" touchdown celebration that Lions tight end Joseph Fauria broke out during Detroit's win over the Redskins on Sunday afternoon? If not, we've got a GIF of it over here, and we've also posted a video of Fauria doing it above (complete with music!). It was one of the funnier touchdown celebrations in recent NFL history. And it also just earned the Make-A-Wish Foundation a $10,000 donation from Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon made the donation to Make-A-Wish because he and Justin Timberlake did a skit a couple weeks ago called "Evolution of End Zone Dancing." And shortly after they did it, the late-night talk show host said that he would be willing to donate money to charity if any NFL player used one of the end zone dances featured in the skit during an actual game. So he made a donation to Make-A-Wish yesterday on behalf of Fauria after he did his "Bye, Bye, Bye" celebration on Sunday.

"We were going nuts," Fallon said last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon while discussing Fauria's dance. "We all saw it on Twitter. We were going crazy."

See, NFL! Not all touchdown celebrations are bad. Way to keep your word here, Fallon.

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[via ESPN]