Dwyane Wade has a bone to pick with Kevin Durant. And he just let the world know about it.

A little while ago, Wade posted a photo on his Instagram page after hearing about a comment that Durant made about him recently. Apparently, Durant did an interview about a list that Sports Illustrated put together and said that he would have included James Harden in the top 10 on the list instead of Wade. So Wade wrote himself this note and put it up on Instagram:

A few minutes later, Durant seemingly responded to Wade's note. He didn't call him out by name, but a tweet that he sent out sure seemed to be directed at Wade and his Instagram post:

So does this mean that Wade and Durant are officially e-beefing? Eh, we doubt it. Those two guys are both too mild-mannered to let this carry on any further. But now we're dying to see the Heat and Thunder play in the NBA Finals next year. Can we start the 2013-14 NBA season tomorrow? Please?

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[via Eye on Basketball]