Years: 2011-Present
Career stats: 8,274 passing yards, 1,500 rushing yards, 65 total touchdowns
Team(s): Carolina Panthers
Annoying highlight: YouTube

What's annoying about the Panthers QB, Cam Newton, is that he's failed to deliver on all the promise and potential that we saw from him during his Rookie of the Year campaign back in 2011. In his sophomore campaign, Newton declined in nearly every statistical category, and with Carolina off to an 0-2 start this year, things don't appear to be getting much better for the former No. 1 overall pick. There should be a lot of things to like about Newton too. The kid has a cannon for an arm, the body of a linebacker, and the speed to take off when the pocket collapses. Until he figures out how to translate those skills into the win column, though, the only defenders that he'll be giving headaches to are his fans.