Nick Maccharoli—who is also known as "Batso" on the National Geographic show, Rescue Ink—turned 80 years old recently. 80 years old. That's quite an accomplishment and definitely a cause for celebration.

So what did he do to celebrate? Hit the early bird dinner at the local diner in Stratford, Conn.? Let loose at a wild game of bingo? Talk a nice stroll through the park? HA! Hardly. Instead, Maccharoli did something that most guys half his age—hell, a quarter of his age!—can't do. He strapped a brace around his head and neck and proceeded to pull a 4,500-pound Nissan Leaf for a few feet. And why did he do it? Well, because he can.

"I bet 20-year-olds can't do that," he said. "What am I going to do, sit home and get old?"

Apparently not. How awesome is that?

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[via Connecticut Post]