Oh, Tyrann Mathieu. Tyrann, Tyrann, Tyrann. Regardless of how you felt when the news broke of Johnny Manziel's punishment, Mathieu, you're the last person who should be offering up your two cents on the matter. Do we need to remind dude how his time at LSU ended? Still, Honey Badger hit up Twitter to give his opinion on the Manziel "suspension" with a four-letter tweet, which you can see below.


C'mon, Tyrann. Did there ever come a moment before hitting that "Send" button where you thought to yourself that this message may be a bad idea or simply lead you to deleting it later on? Don't get it twisted, we're rooting for Badger to succeed, but sometimes, homie makes rooting for him just so damn hard! 

Since the deleted tweet, Mathieu has retweeted other people's comments in regards to Manziel's suspension, which most likely reflect his personal opinion but didn't actually come from him. Now, you see, that's how you do it, Tyrann!  

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[via Black Sports Online]