The saga concerning Johnny Football's autograph scandal has finally come to a conclusion. ESPN's Brett McMurphy reports that the Heisman-winning, redshirt sophomore from Texas A&M has struck a deal with the NCAA that will only limit his punishment to a mere half-game suspension in the Aggies' season-opening contest against the Rice Owls. 

All of Aggie Nation is undoubtedly letting out a collective sigh of relief over these news. A half of football against a lower-tier squad like Rice is hardly anything that will be damaging to A&M's national title hopes or the Manziel's Heisman prospects. In truth, he probably would've ended up playing only a half of football in the game anyway, as most college teams opt to put in their back-ups in by the second half for lopsided match-ups like these.

With this report, a long and tumultuous offseason looks to be finally coming to an end for Johnny Football. But now, more than ever, the pressure is on for him to deliever on the field. Will his play be able to silence all of his critics?

[via ESPN]

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