Good news, Patriots fans. It appears as though the knee injury that Tom Brady suffered at practice yesterday won't be an issue moving forward. Brady is scheduled to return to practice today and will likely play in the Patriots' second preseason game against the Buccaneers tomorrow night.

For a few hours last night, though, it sounded like the Patriots could be in some real trouble. In fact, Brady's injury was so worrisome that at least one Sportsbook out there temporarily disabled a number of different bets until they could confirm that Brady wouldn't be forced to miss an extended period of time because of his knee. The sportsbook Bovada actually suspended all Super Bowl, AFC, and AFC East-related bets because of Brady.

Crazy, right? Tom Brady feels something in his knee, and the sports betting world literally stops. If you didn't know Brady was important to the Pats and the league as a whole before, well, now you know.

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[via Adam Schefter]