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Pretty boy, softy, overrated product of a good team, call him what you want, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been a superstar in the NFL for 10 years now. Despite being drafted No. 199 out of the University of Michigan in 2000, Brady has proven himself an elite performer, leading the Patriots to three Super Bowl rings, an undefeated regular season in '07 and the most prolific offense to ever hit the gridiron.  

Of course, when you're that good for that long (and you do stuff like this), you're gonna get some hate. And yes, we know that Brady is one of the most durable players in the NFL (he has played in all 16 games in eight of the past ten seasons). If he puts up another 36 TD/4 interception performance, we might even start to throw around words like "G.O.A.T." when we talk about him. But we'll still enjoy seeing dude get trucked. And for that, we've got this list of 10 Vicious Hits on Tom Brady.