Earlier this week, TMZ released Aaron Hernandez's hand-written letter to the public, which is a leak Hernandez is probably disappointed at since he specifically said "Keep this off social media PLEASE!" There was a lot of things notable about the letter, including that it offered the public insight on what was going inside his head, that he actually had pretty decent handwritting, and how it was TMZ even got the letter in the first place. Well the Boston Herald found out how, and it wasn't cheap.

TMZ had to pay Sportsworld Inc., a sporting goods store that somehow got the letter, $18,000. The letter wasn't intended for Sportsworld, but for an ex-con named Karl, so Sportsworld felt no obligation to keep the letter secret. Sportsworld made a few thousand as a result, while TMZ got a lot more page views. Everybody wins...except Hernandez.

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[via Boston Herald]