Even as he stays on the fast track towards recovery from a torn Achilles, Kobe Bryant will always have the reminder of what happened that fateful day, thanks to a nasty scar on the back of his left leg. But, as we all know, Kobe is a warrior and recently, he shared the picture of his scar with the world on Facebook, along with an inspirational message for anyone facing doubts as they attempt to overcome their own personal injuries or obstacles.    

''We all have those moments when we think we won't be able to make it. I certainly had those. I accept those thoughts and let them consume me. And then they become the challenge to myself. You can actually do more and be more than you thought you could be.''

Damn, Kobe. That was some deep stuff. You're gonna make us all emotional like the man who met you when you made that promo appearance in China.

Hit the thumbnail to see the photo of Kobe's scar.    

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[via Kobe Bryant]