Los Angeles

Downtown LA's ARCO Building was home to a set of rails that only skateboarding's elite would step to. The square rails went down the center of a 9 stair and a 17 stair that could be skated in a line like Chad Muska did in Fulfil The Dream. In Transworld's Sight Unseen, Heath Kirchart took to a larger section with two 17 stair rails in a row and ended up in a ball at the bottom of the second set after a lipslide gone wrong. The nine stair saw much more action. It was Jamie Thomas's rail of choice when getting tech. He landed a Thrasher cover with a switch lipslide, and did a 180 50-50, both seen in his Dying To Live part. Eric Koston may have the best trick on the 9 stair with a nollie backside noseblunt seen at the end of his Yeah Right part. After several failed attempts to skate stop the rails are now removed completely.

Best TrickEric Koston, Nollie Backside noseblunt