If you were ever wondering what drove J.R. Smith to make the temporary change to blonde hair, wonder no more. In a conversation with MSG.com, Smith sheds some light on the, um, interesting inspiration for the move:  

“I was watching the movie “Meteor Man” and there was a group of guys called ‘The Golden Lords.’ I was like ‘Man, I’m going to dye my hair blonde.’ I think it was either [Iman Shumpert] or my brother said ‘You’re not going to do it.’ Shump was like ‘If you do it, I’ll dye my flat top grey.’ So I was like, ‘Alright,’ and I came in the next day with it blonde. And [Shumpert] dyed his flat top grey.“

And, what do you know, Shumpert followed through on his claim. Peep the front of his flat top.

Man, Mike Woodson must be beside himself with all his players' off-the-court activity. 

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[via Beyond The Buzzer]