Floyd Mayweather Sr. knows that his son is facing Canelo Alvarez on September 16, right? So, why is he focusing so much of his attention on Adrien Broner? We say this for a couple of reasons. First, the primary focus for Floyd and everyone in his camp should be on Canelo. While we're not going to offer our personal prediction on the fight, we will say that Alvarez won't be a walk in the park. Secondly, why is it Mayweather Sr. who's taking shots at Broner while Money has become the more reserved, quiet one in the family? 

Mayweather Sr. may still be ticked off over Broner declining Mayweather Jr.'s invitation to go on the press tour with him, but now, Money's father needs to relax...and not bring his son into the conversation! Just a week ago, Mayweather Sr. said Broner "hasn't had no real fighter in front of him" and now, in a recent interview, he stated the following: 

"Floyd would beat the shit out of Broner, beat the hell out of him. I seen a guy standing this damn tall, up to your damn shoulders, give him hell. That's not even a challenge."

With both fighters in the same weight class, there is a possibility that we could see them square off in the near future. However, like we said before, Canelo is the main focus right now. You hear that, Mayweather Sr.? Because, if Broner responds in a reckless manner, all hell will break loose and...you know what, Mayweather Sr., keep doing what you're doing.  

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[via Boxing Scene]