Once upon a time, Volvo made a car so sexy that even a suave '60s criminal protagonist played by Roger Moore drove it. Not only that, but Moore loved the car so much he bought an identical one for personal use. This car was the Volvo P1800, and it also hold a world record for being the highest milage car in history; Irv Gordon's 1800S is going to pass the 3,000,000 mile mark in September. 

Unfortunately, the very first production P1800 was stolen in Stockholm, Sweden from a locked storage facility some time between August 21st and 22nd. It has been recently restored, and is rightfully owned by the vice president of the Swedish P1800 Club. The car has fresh red paint, unique hub caps, and two different license plates: C28000 and ACZ 780. Larmtj√§nst AB is accepting information for Swedish law enforcement related to the whereabouts of the vehicle. 

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[via Autoblog