In the race to get Dwight Howard, the Rockets had Hakeem Olajuwon and a legacy of great centers, the Lakers had that intense Kobe Bryant speech, and the Mavericks had this superhero-themed video. That's right; Dallas made a comic book clip as part of its pitch to Howard, and it's great.

The clip follows Howard from his humble beginnings in Atlanta, wisely skips his  baby mother issues, and ends in an NBA championship while stating, "Being a Maverick ends in global domination." Of course, there's an image of Mark Cuban smugly holding up the trophy with a cigar in his mouth. The clip also mentions that Howard is, "known for his burning desire to win," which is a statement many would (not so) respectfully disagree with. There's also an announcer in the backgroud saying, "Dwight Howard for three!" The man has only made two in his NBA career.

Even though Dallas' pitch ultimately didn't work, the video is worth a view for its combination of both intentional and unintentional hilarity and epicness. Check it out above.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]