Years active in the WWE: 1996-2013

A man of many talents beyond mere sock puppeteering, Foley was probably the closest thing the WWE ever had to a renaissance man. Not long after the '90s, Foley found himself serving as the "WWF's commissioner." That way he didn't have to get slammed through a damn table from 20 feet in the air like he did 15 years ago. The gig didn't last long as he was "fired" less than a year in.

He's a bestselling author writing fiction for both adults and kids and even writing memoirs. To date he's written a total of 10 books. Unlike just about every athlete known to man he didn't use a ghostwriter to pen his autobiography and it ended up being 800 'effing pages.

He's made numerous appearances on The Daily Show even getting a "medal of reasonableness" at Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity. He's made movie appearances, TV show cameos (Boy Meets World), and even appeared, often, on pre-chapter 7 liberal radio network Air America sometimes hosting and being a guest at others. As of 2009 he's dabbled in stand up comedy. He donates that money to retired wrestlers' medical bills. He also swapped wives (relax, it was for a reality show) with Antonio Sabato Jr. (Model/Soap Opera Star/Douche)