The Sports Fan's Guide to Making It Through the Summer Drought

It's Never Too Early to Prep for Your Fantasy Draft

So you've just about scratched your eyes out in anticipation of the upcoming NFL and NBA seasons, we get it, and it's okay. There's no shame in a hardened sports fan taking a look at the future and actually starting to plot their fantasy drafts. Your significant other may have a problem with this type of behavior, but we get your pain, and we fully support whatever you need to do to make it to Week 1.

Pick your players wisely, organize a spot for a live draft, and get the collection money in early so we don't have that guy from last year who didn't realize it was a cash league. We know one thing, this year's drafts are going to be slightly thinner at the tight end position, if you know what we mean. Don't be one of these guys either.

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