Sports figure(s) involved: Gary Payton, Sam Cassell
Year: 2003

Talented athletes, from high school to the professional level, are used to getting what they want. It was hard not to hate on that star quarterback who may have gotten some extra help on his math test, or was dating the hottest girl in school. The entitled jock is a stereotype that has existed for decades, and for good reason. Perhaps that, in part, had to do with Gary Payton, Sam Cassell and Jason Caffey's alleged assault of male exotic dancer, Adrian Cimpean, the boyfriend of a female dancer who, despite his repeated requests, had denied Payton's sexual advances.

Apparently, The Glove doesn't deal with rejection well, because after she rebuffed him, and Cimpean told him to back off, he and his teammates allegedly starting laying the smack down on Cimpean. He was unable to receive any bit of revenge for the assault, though, as the case was later dropped due to exaggerations and inconsistencies in his testimony.