Do you have an Aaron Hernandez jersey? Are you interested in selling it to make a quick buck? Is eBay your preferred method of selling goods? Then you need to hear about the latest trend that's taking place on the online auction site before you list your AH jersey for sale.

According to Yahoo! Sports, there have been a number of sellers who have listed Hernandez's No. 81 Patriots jersey for sale on eBay in the last week or so. And many of the jerseys that have been listed have sold for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. But it's not because people are willing to pay those kinds of outrageous prices for a Hernandez jersey. Rather, it's because someone out there is so disgusted by the idea of people making money by selling Hernandez jerseys that they are going around and driving up the prices of the jerseys on eBay—and then refusing to pay for them. One eBay seller even said that he received a nasty message from a buyer who won an auction for a Hernandez jersey.

"I don't think that I will be getting paid," he said. "The person emailed me stating I should 'burn the jersey and stop seeking money for that moron's actions.' Looks like the person has some kind of social agenda."

Yahoo! Sports says that more than a dozen other eBay auctions have faced the same fate. So if you're thinking about selling your Hernandez jersey on eBay, you might want to think again. You're probably not going to get anything but a big headache when you list it for sale.

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[via Pro Football Talk]