Need yet another reason to avoid drinking and driving at all costs? Well, here it is.

Although the San Diego Police Department is still investigating an incident that took place early Monday morning, they believe that drunk driving played a key role in an accident that involved an unidentified local man driving his car off a 40-foot cliff. Just before 6 a.m. yesterday, the SDPD received numerous calls about a car that had driven off the cliff and landed on the beach. And when they sent paramedics to attempt to rescue the man who was driving the car, they found that he hadn't been injured badly in the cliff dive but that he did appear to be intoxicated.

"He was combative," Maurice Luque, the Public Information Officer for the San Diego Fire Rescue Department, said. "He wanted to fight with our crews. He wanted to be left along. He was not cooperating."

Eventually, the rescuers were able to restrain the man and take him to the hospital. They were able to test his blood to see how much he had to drink prior to the crash. And they were also able to snap a bunch of shots at the scene of the accident. They're going to want to show them to him later to demonstrate just how lucky he was to survive such a crazy car accident.

We've said it a thousand times now. But don't drink and drive, kids! Because if you do, "accidentally driving your car off a cliff" is just one of the many potentially fatal side effects that you will have to deal with.

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[via ABC News]