A while back, Kobe Bryant got into a legal scuffle with his parents—Joe and Pamela—over memorabilia. Pamela tried to sell his possessions and Kobe sued, claiming they stole the items they were trying to auction. The situation didn't get overly dramatic and the parties reached a settlement that allowed Pamela to auction about 10 percent of what she was going to originally.

It doesn't look like that great of a deal for Pamela because she was orignially going to sell more than a 100 items, but look at the few she put up for auction: two duplicates of the 2000 NBA Championship ring (given to Joe and Pamela as gifts), Kobe's 2000 All-Star ring, and two of his high school uniforms among other items. It turned out the deal was pretty decent:

  • Pamela's NBA Championship ring dupicate went for $108,153, while Joe's went for $174,184. Yep, that's more than a quarter million.
  • The All-Star ring sold for $55,597 
  • The two high school jersey went for $50,150 and $41,694.

Pamela auctioned off a few more items, including a used Lakers jersey that went for $7,938.45 according to TMZ. In total, the memorabilia sold for $450,000. Selling that other 90 percent wouldn't even be fair.

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[via ESPN]