When someone like Kobe Bryant says he's going to show you how to be a champion, that's an invitation you normally don't decline. Dwight Howard did just that though when he announced he was going to the Rockets, which cost him a Twitter follower. Kobe Bryant is following 818 users, and as of tonight, Howard isn't one of them.

The unfollowing can be a combination of three things:

  • Bryant took offense to how Howard didn't invest in the Kobe System. Even Kanye West was kind of into it. Howard couldn't have possibly thought he was was above the Kobe System, right?
  • Maybe Howard and Bryant never truly got along. Think about that one co-worker you just can't unfollow simply because it'll make things awkward between you, the co-worker, and perhaps the staff. In Bryant's case, media attention substitutes for tense moments around the water cooler.
  • As unspectacular as Howard's play was last season, he still may have been a crucial piece Bryant's shot at a sixth ring.

He also took to Instagram to post a picture of himself (see it above in the thumbnail) and sidekick Pau Gasol with the hashtags #vamos #juntos #lakercorazon #vino, which translates to "we go," "together," "Laker heart," "wine.”

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[via Black Sports Online]