Earlier this year, Grant Hill made the decision to walk away from the NBA after nearly two decades in the league. But as it turns out, he's not looking to walk too far away from it. Recently, the former Clippers forward was asked about his future plans. And he admitted that he's interested in trying his hand at broadcasting and already has a few opportunities on the table.

"I'm excited that [my NBA career] is over," he said. "It was a long journey in terms of my career. But I'm very excited about the next phase and some broadcasting things. I'm looking at some things that we're working on right now with some of the major networks, so that is something that can keep you in and around the game and around sports."

Hill said that he won't jump into anything too quickly. So you probably won't see him calling games next season. But even if he takes a year off, it'll be good to see him stick around and play a part in the NBA for years to come.

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[via SLAM]