A friend of ours was driving down Lake Shore Drive in Chicago this morning when he came across this plate: "No Job" on a $140,000-plus BMW 760Li. Three possibilities immediately crossed our minds: 

A. He's a huge dick who's riding off an inheritance or some other unimpressive means of acquiring lots of money. 

B. He's actually a she and is just a gold digger who does nothing but drive up and down the magnificent mile everyday shopping and buying whatever she wants. 

C. This person is legit. He or she has worked hard thorughout his or her life and rightfully is driving this car after retiring with a big enough savings, covering costs of living for the rest of his or her life. 

Obviously, we were secretly hoping for A or B, because (duh) it's fun to highlight and make fun of d-bags. We hit up Rohan to see who was driving and it turns out it was an older gentleman. So, it's likely that C is the answer on this one. Good for him. 

[via Rohan Bhagwat]