A lot of people found out Anna Benson wasn't the one to mess with a couple of days ago. The Baseball Wives subject was arrested after she stormed into Kris Benson's—her husband and former pitcher—apartment with a bulletproof vest and a gun. It's a bit much since she was allegedly demanding $30,000 from him.

It turns out it wasn't her first offense though. Benson was a troublemaker back in her teen years, and we're talking America's Most Wanted-level troublemaker. She was involved in a 1996 murder case.

When she was 19, living in Nashville, and known as Anna Warren, she allegedly told her boyfriend—Paul Dejong—to "get rid of" another man who apparently insulted her. Unfortunately, Dejong interpreted "get rid of" as "kill him," and he ended up shooting 18-year-old Michael Evans twice in the head.

Dejong was arrested seven months after the murder, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, and died in prison while serving a 21-year sentence. Benson was found in Oregon three months later when she was four months pregnant with her hair died purple. She was charged with accessory to murder, but had the charges dropped over a lack of evidence. 

Did Kris know about all of this? Anyway, he filed for divorce a while ago so hopefully he won't have to go through a similar threat with Anna. Check out the AMW clip below:

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[via Larry Brown Sports]