It's summer and sometimes, as a sports fan, that can be a real drag. If you don't like America's pastime, what are you supposed to do for the next few months, live your life? If you need some help figuring out what to do with all your down time, take a note from a couple of the biggest names in the world of sports.

From Kobe Bryant instructing his daughters on the cruel ways of the world to Carmelo Anthony plotting his revenge on Kevin Garnett, we'll clue you in on what the household names in sports are up to during this annual dry spell (or, at least, what they should be doing) in What Your Favorite Athlete Superstars Will Be Doing This Summer   

And don't worry because Hard Knocks is just around the corner, which represents the start of a whole 'nother season wearing down that couch, cheering for a uniform and watching other dudes play a game. Guess it's kind of weird when you put it like that.