Tania Finlayson has been in a wheelchair for her entire life. She was born with Cerebral Palsy, a disease that  severely inhibits brain and nervous system functions. She speaks through a computer system that she controls with her head.

But instead of being down on life and the hand she was dealt, Finlayson has decided to raise money for the Guide Dogs of America, a charity organisation that provides training for dogs who assist in helping the disabled with everyday activities.

Finlayson is currently half way through a four-day journey that will take her (and her wheelchair) from Everett, Washington to Portland, Oregon, a journey of about 300 miles. Upon her arrival, she will have raised $43,000 for the Guide Dogs Of America.

"In my life, it would be easy for me to focus on my disabilities, and proclaim that I am not able to do this or that because I can't control my arms and legs, and I cannot speak," Finalyson told Herald Net prior to the start of her journey. "But, when I focus on the things that I can do, it's clear I have good use of my head, and chin, I have good hearing, I have good vision. I am surrounded by people willing and eager to help me. Put these things together, and a 300-mile journey becomes trivial. If I focus on my disabilities, it's impossible."

Thank you, Ms. Finlayson. You are amazing.

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[via Herald Net]