Kobe Bryant's parents Joe and Pamela Bryant are very, very sorry. Recently, they tried to auction off a bunch of the Black Mamba's old memorabilia, which made KB24 mad and forced him to file a lawsuit against them. But the two sides reached a settlement over the weekend and the Bryants agreed not to sell off all of Kobe's old stuff. They also issued an apology to Kobe and the auction company Goldin Auctions for what transpired after they decided to sell the items.

"We regret our actions and statements related to the Kobe Bryant auction memorabilia," the Bryants said in a joint statement. "We apologize for any misunderstanding and unintended pain we have caused our son and appreciate the financial support he has provided over the years. We also apologize to Goldin Auctions for their inadvertent involvement in this matter and thank them for their assistance."

The auction isn't completely called off, though. While the Bryants cannot sell all of the items that they originally intended to sell (there were more than 100 of them), Kobe agreed to allow them to sell six of the items. And the owner of Goldin Auctions thinks those items could fetch up to $500,000 total.

"We're offering very rare Kobe Bryant memorabilia," Ken Goldin said, "and for many of those items, this is the only place you'll ever see things like this."

The auction begins June 17 and ends July 19. Soooooooo...Who wants to buy something?

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[via ESPN Los Angeles]