Year: 2005

Interesting that McGrady was compared to Jordan when Jordan won six championships and McGrady just won his first playoff series this past week as a benchwarmer for the Spurs. McGrady also failed to match up with Jordan defensively. Whereas Jordan was a nine-time All-NBA Defensive Team rep, McGrady was "inconsistent." That leaves Tracy's offensive prowess. He was a stud with the rock (winning two scoring titles) but he only topped 30 PPG once (2002-03) when Michael did it eight times and actually averaged 30.1 PPG for his career.

Tracy also went through a string of injuries and declined sharply in his later years, never averaging over 10 PPG after the age of 30. On top of all of that we find it hard to believe MJ would ever be forced to play a full season in China. in fact, at that age (33), Jordan hadn't even won the first championship of his second "three-peat."