When Jason Collins made the decision to come out earlier today, we sort of figured that there were probably a few athletes out there shaking their heads. After all, homophobia has plagued pro sports for a long time now. But we didn't expect anyone to come out and say something homophobic so soon.

Mike Wallace did it, though. About an hour or so after the Sports Illustrated story hit the 'net, the Dolphins wide receiver dropped this homophobic tweet:

Then, he followed it up with a half-hearted apology that made him sound just as bad:

Eventually, he did drop this apology after deleting his previous tweets:

But the damage was already done. It doesn't erase the big step Collins took today by any means. But Wallace's tweet does serve as a reminder that Collins coming out isn't going to erase the homophobia that still clearly exists in pro sports.

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[via Deadspin]