Buyers from 18 to 34 are moving more and more to American and Korean cars, and shying away from Japanese cars, according to a data compilation by Bloomberg. Why are young people not buying Japanese cars? We have a theory:

Young people, for the most part, can only afford cheaper cars, which largely puts us in compacts and subcompacts. America's and Korea's big companies are offering the Fiesta, Dart, Spark, Rio, Soul, Veloster, etc. and Japan's are offering the Versa, Yaris, Lancer, Civic, etc. The former list is all cars that, while they might have their flaws, all have distinct personalities, whereas the latter is full of utilitarian appliances. Of course, this isn't to say that Japan doesn't have some great small cars, like the Impreza and Fit, but it seems that the perception—and marketing—of Japanese compacts just isn't coming across as exciting.

How do you perceive the compacts from various countries?


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[via Bloomberg