With all the craziness and drama surrounding the Super Bowl, one has to ask him/herself if it was really worth it. Then the person would probably say something along the lines of "Hell, yeah!" It looked like it was going to be a blowout in last night's game as the Ravens propelled themselves to a 28-6 lead over the 49ers  after Jacoby Jones tore the game open with a 108-year kick return for a touchdown. Then a power outage cut Baltimore's momentum, allowing San Francisco go on a 24-3 run in the second half. However, the Ravens were able to send Ray Lewis out on top as they held off the Niners, 34-31.

In short, ankles were broken, feelings were hurt, Beyonce twerked, tears were shed, and the Ray Lewis jokes are going to continue. Here's Super Bowl XLVII as told through Twitter.

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