Think Saints fans have gotten over the year-long suspension that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell handed to Saints head coach Sean Payton after news about "Bountygate" broke last year? Think again. This week, The Commish is in New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII, and he's having trouble getting a seat at a number of different establishments. That's because a bunch of restaurants, pubs, and even ice cream parlors have banned Goodell from their premises.

"Assuming that Saints fans are idiots who can't see through the ruse of reinstating Payton just before the Super Bowl—as a lame attempt to ameliorate fan anger—makes Roger Goodell even more of a moron, and more unwelcome, than he already is," Geoff Douville, co-owner of the Lost Love Lounge, said earlier this week.

So, where is Goodell not allowed to go? Well, the good people at Eater National have put together a running list of the places that have banned him from walking in the front door. Check out that list over here. Goodell shouldn't expect any Southern hospitality from any of these places.

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[via Eater National]