Manning a parking lot in a city isn't the run-of-the-mill parking job, especially when that city is located in Manhattan. The people that can afford to front cash for a full day to park in town are usually loaded, and the cars they drive reflect that. There are a few places to secure your ride around the Complex office, but one lot in particular has frequent visitors with high-end cars: Garage Management, or GMC, Parking on 7 West 21st Street. 

Anthony Alvarado, one of the attendants, just started working at this location at the beginning of the year. He, who used to drive a 2007 Dodge Magnum before selling it for some cash, has already been enjoying his time getting to try out the various rides that come through. 

"It’s an experience," he said. "You get to see and experience all the new cars. I'll have seen and gotten to know a bunch of different cars, so if I ever have the money for one of those, I'll know what I like, because I've driven it. I like doing it a lot. It's cool."

We quizzed Alvarado about which cars have really impressed the staff this month, and you'll be surprised by what some people are willing to leave in an open NYC parking lot. Hint: We're talking Ferrari status here. Check out the 10 Cars That NYC Parking Lot Attendants Fell in Love With This Month