The old adage goes, "if you want a car to ride in, you buy a Rolls-Royce; if you want a car to drive, buy a Bentley."

Enhancements to the Bentley's flagship Mulsanne are giving consumers reason to do both. Transforming the sedan into a mobile office, Bentley's added a WiFi router with a high speed Universal Mobile Telecommunications System. This turns the car into an instant hotspot, providing Internet access for up to eight enabled devices. The picnic tables that fold from the front seats are specifically designed to hold iPads and wireless keyboards…promoting the potential of the Grand Tourer to integrate the latest in technology without diminishing the traditional luxury of Bentley.

Beyond WiFi, the mobile office effect is propelled by maximized privacy beaten the rear and front cabins. And, should work not be in the order of the day, passengers can take the option to enjoy a "Naim for Bentley" audio system with incorporated 20 GB hard drive and DVD player.

On a long journey? Bentley's covered luggage needs as well. The Mulsanne fits a new range of bespoke pieces by Schedoni.

All enhancements to the Bentley Mulsanne will be unveiled in full at the Geneva Auto Show.

[via Bentley]