Yesterday, ESPN suspended Rob Parker "until further notice" for questioning Robert Griffin III's "blackness." Like many of the statements made on First Take, Parker's comments were meant for shock value and while his words were uncalled for, how does fellow commentator Skip Bayless continue to fly under the radar?

While talking about "his favorite player in the world" Kevin Durant comparing himself to Larry Bird, Skip asked "blackness" expert Parker at the 3:00 mark:

"We talked earlier about black community pride, I know there will be some barbershop that will say, 'gee, Kevin, you didn't pick a black star?' Am I right?"

And of course, Parker took the bait and fired off some hypothetical situation where black people would wonder why Durant would compare himself to Bird "when there are so many great black players." Ugh. When will this madness end?            

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[via Black Sports Online]