Who was Jovan Belcher? Was he the quiet, calm leader who some of his former teammates and coaches have described? Or, was he the ticking time bomb that others have described? From the sound of things, he was a little bit of both, and Sports Illustrated digs deeper to try and make sense of it all in a piece in their December 10 issue. You can read the piece here.

One of the most interesting parts of the piece are the text messages that writer David Epstein tracked down. They were sent by Belcher to his former University of Maine teammate Reggie Paramoure just one day before he killed his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins and then took his own life. And, they are…well, creepy, to say the least.

"I see yall boys aint doing too well," Paramoure wrote to Belcher on Thanksgiving night. "Whats goen on wit u besides ball."

"Yea man," Belcher texted back. "our 'o' can't even put 7 in the board for us, but everything good bro, baby momma crazy but I have a little girl almost 3 month man and she's a blessing, she makes me smile on the worst day."

"Daughter!" Paramoure responded, before telling Belcher that he better have a gun ready for when she grows up and starts dating.

"Yea man," Belcher replied. "I got about 8 guns now, from hand Gunz to assault rifles for her little bf's."

Like we said, creepy, right? Paramoure talks more about his relationship with Belcher in the piece, and others chime in as well to try and help define exactly who Belcher was. We'll probably never know exactly who he was, but this story definitely helps.

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[via SI]