Dez Bryant has made headlines for all the wrong reasons this season. But, today, he's going to make a whole lot of people in Dallas happy. Despite the fact that he has a fractured left index finger that, by all accounts, hurts like hell and will make it difficult for him to catch the football, the Cowboys wide receiver is going to go ahead and delay a necessary surgery on the finger in order to play against the Steelers on Sunday. According to ESPN's Ed Werder, the Cowboys medical staff is going to try to come up with some sort of splint that'll protect Bryant's finger and also enable him to catch the ball efficiently. But, even with a splint, he's going to have to play through some pain if he wants to continuing playing for the rest of the season.

For Bryant, it's probably the right move to make. At the very least, giving it a go shows Cowboys fans that he's committed to the team—which is something that hasn't always been apparent this year. But, just a word to the wise: If Dez is on your fantasy team, you might want to consider moving him to the bench this week. Because, if Bryant is as hurt as people are saying he is, then this has "decoy" written all over it.

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[via ESPN Dallas]