Mark Wahlberg must still be coming off the high of filming 2010's The Fighter because why would the 41-year-old actor challenge former NHL player and enforcer Tie Domi to a bout in the ring in his right mind? Even though the two guys are lifelong buddies, Wahlberg doesn't mind putting their friendship to the side for a chance at a sparring session at the Air Canada Centre in Domi's hometown of Toronto.

In an effort to fan the fire a bit, Wahlberg recently told Canadian news website,

"He still won't accept the challenge. He keeps saying that he doesn't want to mess up my pretty face and this and that. But the thing is he has this mystique about him. Especially here in his home country, and he doesn't want that ruined by getting knocked out by an actor." 

If we ever get Wahlberg vs. Domi, will you be watching?  

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[via MSN]