First, the gloating. While most other publications and websites in the automotive media reported that there was no information on what would be powering the all new Maserati Quattroporte, we read the license plate and told you that it would almost certainly be a 530hp engine. That engine will be a Ferrari-sourced 3.8L V8 that will send the massive luxury sedan to 62mph in only 4.7 seconds and up to a top speed of 191mph.

The base engine, however, will be a somewhat less exotic twin-turbo 3.0L V6 rated for 410hp. The turbo powerplant will push the Quattroporte to 62mph in 5.0 seconds and top out at 177mph. Either one sounds like a lot of fun, but the naturally aspirated Ferrari V8 will clearly be the (wealthy) enthusiast's choice.

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[via Left Lane News]