See that face? That's the face of an owner that had his Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 returned to him with a messed up rear end. After handing his supercar over to mechanic Andrew Mitchinson for MOT test in Kendal, England, the car was returned with about $31,000 worth in damage after Mitchinson lost control during the test. 

"I was in second gear just going up the road to try the brakes," Mitchinson said. "I don’t honestly know what happened. I wouldn’t have been doing more than 25-30mph - if that. It was unreal. I was gutted because I knew it was an expensive car."

Damn right it's an expensive car. And owner Stephen Leahy believes the crash will now heavily devalue the car when he's ready to resell it. Somebody get this dude a stiff drink. 

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[via Daily Mail]